St. Agnes Altar Guild

The St. Agnes Altar Guild is the ministry of the Atonement Episcopal Church responsible for preparing the altar and church for worship and all other services held in the sanctuary (e.g., weddings, funerals, etc.) All members of the guild are volunteers who work year-round to perform tasks associated with maintaining the sanctuary, chapel, sacristy, vestments, vessels, linens, and other equipment, as well ensuring the proper cleaning and storage of all items and supplies used for the Eucharist and worship
Examination and Commissioning of the St. Agnes Altar Guild was held on September 9, 2018.  Blessings were given by Rev. Louis Wheeler
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•Brotherhood of St. Andrew

The Brotherhood is responsible for spreading Christ’s Kingdom among Men and Boys..

•Daughters of the King (St. Ann’s Chapter)
This ministry is dedicated to spreading God’s Kingdom through prayer, service, evangelism, and bring others to Christ.
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•Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

–Established to enhance the ministry and foster the spiritual growth and development of women and communicate and implement the purpose and work of the Protestant Episcopal church of America, the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Washington and the Episcopal Church of the Atonement.








–Meets 4th Saturday of every other month (September – May) 11:00am

Since 1949, women of Atonement Church have maintained a continuous legacy, through prayer, service and leadership, to lift up and recognize the many possibilities at all levels in the church for ministry to and by lay and ordained women. At Atonement, women are vital members of the congregation serving in the work and ministries of the Vestry, St. Agnes Altar Guild, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, the Choir, the Ushers, the Daughters of the King, St. Claire;s and St. Helene's Guilds, Christian Education, the Welcoming Committee, community outreach, the Atonement Food Pantry, the Women;s Auxiliary of the Episcopal Center for Children, Seabury Resources for Aging and the ECW and UTO Regional meetings and conferences. Our Motto is "Living So That Others Will Know We Are Christians."

•Men’s Club

–Established to promote Christian Fellowship, encourage active and dedicated participation in the affairs of the diocese, parish, and community according to Christian principles and to provide leadership to the youth of the Church of the Atonement.

–1st Saturday of the month – 12:30pm

MISSION STATEMENT The purpose of the Men's Club of the Episcopal Church of the Atonement is to provide and develop Christian fellowship; to encourage active and dedicated participation in the affairs of the diocese, parish, and community according to Christian principles; and to provide leadership to the youth of the Church and the Community.

•St. Clare’s Guild

–Our mission is to support mothers, children and families.  It continues to donate clothing and food to Atonement’s food Pantry and assist families in the community.

–3rd Saturday of every month – 1:00pm

•St. Helene’s Guild

–This Mission is to reach out to needy individuals and/or families and to enhance fellowship for members of Atonement’s congregation and hold fundraisers to carry out this mission.