Lay Leadership


Senior Warden          Paula Boone

Junior Warden           David Warr

Clerk of the Vestry    Evelyn "Jean" Beck

Treasurer                   Karen White Neal


Financial Secretary   Clorine LaFargue

The Vestry

Vestry meetings are held on the first Saturday after the 1st Sunday of the month (except in July-August, when we are in recess).  Members-in-good-standing (attend worship regularly, pledge monies faithfully and are official members of the parish) may attend and have a voice at our gathering; but only elected Vestry members may vote on business before us.  Meetings are at 10:00am.

Vestry Members


2021 (Term of Service)

Darrin Dorsett

William J. Neal

David Warr


2022 (Term of Service)

Kelly-Marie Berry

Rochelle Harley

Clorine LaFargue

Karen White Neal


Evelyn "Jean" Beck

Stephanie Walden

Committee Chairs

Audit Committee                                                                

Christina Education                                                            Paula Boone
Community Outreach Committee                                        
Church Security Committee                                                 Darrin Dorsett 

Counting Team Committee                                                 Clorine LaFargue 
Fellowship Committee                                                        Kelly-Marie Berry 
Finance Committee                                                              Karen White Neal 

Fundraising Committee                                                      
Investment Committee                                                        Eric Pookrum 

Nominating Committee                                                      Outgoing Vestry Members 
Property Committee                                                             David Warr 

Stewardship Committee                                                      

Strategic Planning Committee                                            Obie Pinkney and William Neal 

Technology Committee                                                       William Neal 

Welcoming Committee                                                       Cora Floyd 

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