Lay Leadership

From the Senior Warden

On behalf of the Wardens and Vestry, I welcome you to the Episcopal Church of the Atonement. Founded in 1914, the parish has been offering opportunities for worship, Christian education, and community outreach to Capitol View and the greater Washington community for more than 100 years. I invite you to explore our website which provides descriptions of the work and witness, mission, ministry, and people of this historic and diverse community.


We offer two worship services, adult bible study, and youth Sunday school each Sunday except for the months of June and July when one worship service is offered each Sunday. Throughout the week, the parish is alive and busy with the activities of the ministries and organizations. Our Five Year Strategic Plan is included on the website to enable you to become familiar with our current goals, objectives, and core values. Our number one priority is our community outreach effort whereby our ministries go out into the neighborhoods and carry the blessings of Jesus to our brothers and sisters in the form of needed services.


Our youngest ministries demonstrate the community service orientation of our membership. Our Food Pantry Ministry provides emergency food to community residents in need at no cost to the recipients. The shoppers are provided with a convenient self- service indoor marketplace where they may select the food items conducive to their family needs. Parish volunteers assist to ensure a satisfying experience. The Atonement Young Adult Employment Ministry (AYAEM) provides year around job readiness training, placement, and mentoring to unemployed and underemployed residents of Wards 7 and 8 where the city’s highest unemployment and poverty rates exist.


Please enjoy your visit to our website and plan to visit us in person soon. Our parish business office is open from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  We encourage you to call us if you have questions or need additional information.


Obie Pinckney

Senior Warden

The Vestry

Vestry meetings are held on the first Saturday after the 1st Sunday of the month (except in July-August, when we are in recess).  Members-in-good-standing (attend worship regularly, pledge monies faithfully and are official members of the parish) may attend and have a voice at our gathering; but only elected Vestry members may vote on business before us.  Meetings are at 10:00am.

Vestry Members

Member                                                                                            2019 (Term of Service)


Paula Boone

Obie Pinckney

Eric Pookrum

Robert Smith

                                                                                                            2020 (Term of Service)

Darrin Dorsett

Patricia Foster-Marks

William J. Neal

David Warr

                                                                                                            2021 (Term of Service)

Kelly-Marie Berry

Rochelle Harley

Clorine LaFargue

Karen White Neal

Committee Chairs

Audit Committee                                                                Robert Smith 

Christina Education                                                            Paula Boone and Patricia Foster-Marks 
Community Outreach Committee                                       Rochelle Harley 
Church Security Committee                                                 Darrin Dorsett 

Counting Team Committee                                                 Clorine LaFargue 
Fellowship Committee                                                        Kelly-Marie Berry 
Finance Committee                                                              Karen White Neal 

Fundraising Committee                                                      Rochelle Harley 
Investment Committee                                                        Eric Pookrum 

Nominating Committee                                                      Outgoing Vestry Members 
Property Committee                                                             David Warr 

Rector Search Committee                                                   Paula Boone 

Stewardship Committee                                                      Robert Smith 

Strategic Planning Committee                                            Obie Pinkney and William Neal 

Technology Committee                                                       William Neal 

Welcoming Committee                                                       Cora Floyd 

Contact Us

Episcopal Church of the Atonement

5073 East Capitol Street, S.E.

Washington, DC 20019

Phone: 202.582.4200 

Fax: 202.582.4202


Atonement is wheelchair accessible. An elevator is available. There is a wheelchair accessible passenger van available upon request with advance notice

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