Vestry Guidance for the 2018 Rector Search Committee


A.The Process

  1. The Vestry approved the following eight members of the Atonement Rector Search Committee on May 12, 2018:

  1. Paula Kent Boone, Chair

  2. Jean  Beck

  3. Cora Floyd

  4. Robbin Johnson

  5. Jordan McCreary

  6. John Nash. Jr.

  7. Karla Oates

  8. Brenda Toles

  1. The Episcopal Diocese of Washington (EDOW) has been notified of the selection of the Search Committee.

  2. The Bishop has informed the Vestry that the diocesan representative for oversight of the Atonement search and liaison from the Office of the Bishop will be the Rev. Canon Paula Clark.

  3. Canon Paula Clark will meet with the Vestry and the Rector Search Committee on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at the Atonement Parish to establish guidelines for conducting the search process.

  4. The search committee will agree on a date to meet and organize the committee.

  5. The announcement of the vacant position of Rector at the Church of the Atonement will be posted and transmitted to the clergy throughout the country through the National Clergy Data Bank at the National Office of the Episcopal Church in New York and to the clergy within the EDOW.

  6. The Atonement Rector Search Committee will develop a search work plan and submit to the Vestry for review and approval.

  7. The Rector search will begin.


B.Roles of Rector Search Committee Members

  1. Committee Chair: organizes and coordinates the activities of the   committee.

  2. Vice Chair: manages the committee communications by scheduled written reports to the Vestry, Congregation, and EDOW in coordination with the Chair.

  3. Chaplain: conducts or assigns others to lead the committee in prayer at every meeting.

  4. Recruiter: receives applications and disseminates information to all committee members.

  5. Host: offers hospitality to all candidates and their families.

  6. Secretary: prepares written responses to applicants and keeps records of all communications to candidates.

  7. Search Webmaster: Keeps the search information current on the Atonement website.

  8. Parliamentarian: Ensures that meetings are orderly and conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.


C. Atonement Mission and Vision Statements


Mission Statement:

We, in this parish, pray God to enable us to spread the ministry of Jesus Christ through active participation of its members in the life and work of the Church.


Vision Statement:

Through inspirational preaching, effective teaching and collective commitment of every member, we can open the doors of the Episcopal Church of the Atonement to the community by becoming a focal point of enrichment for all.


D. Core Values that the Rector will Be Expected to Promote


Our Core Values are derived from the Holy Scriptures and from our unique experiences under God’s guidance during the life of the Church of the Atonement. They are so primary and so important to us that throughout the upheavals and changes in our society and, indeed, in the world at large, they are the basic values to which we will adhere. These values underlie how we live, our work, how we interact with each other and with others, and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission as a local parish within the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.


Worship and Music

We praise and honor God through spirit-filled worship services (with inspirational preaching and diverse music ranging from traditional to contemporary to gospel, supported by strong vocal and instrumental accompaniment) that are based on faith and prayer and grounded in the Holy Word and Sacraments. We joyfully express our thanks and appreciation to God for His blessings, grace and mercy.

Christian Education, Growth and Development

We aspire to know God and to nourish and strengthen our faith by offering continuous opportunities for lifelong learning and development through comprehensive Christian education programs for all ages and levels while supporting one another in our spiritual growth.

Pastoral Care

We are a compassionate community that expresses the love and healing power of Christ, supporting one another with hope and encouragement.

Fellowship and Hospitality

In the spirit of Christ, we value coming together to foster friendship among parishioners, our neighbors, newcomers, and visitors.

Stewardship and Fundraising

We aspire to be good stewards of all the gifts of time, talent, and treasure entrusted to us for building up God’s Kingdom. We seek to embrace the tithe as the biblical standard of giving, but we also embrace the need for supplemental fundraising activities and events to meet the diverse needs of a growing parish.

Community Outreach

We actively reach out to the greater community, especially the nearby neighborhoods, as willing ambassadors for Christ, pursuing opportunities to help meet physical, psychological, social, educational, economic, and spiritual needs.

Governance and Administration

We are committed to establishing and maintaining fair and impartial Parish business policies and practices by which the orderly management of the affairs of the parish are ensured through an elected Vestry composed of thoughtful, responsible, and capable church leaders.


E. Additional thoughts from the Vestry


As we endeavored to reach a consensus on some of the characteristics that our membership has expressed that we should be looking for in the successful Rector candidate, the following stand out:


  1. A strong commitment to adhering to and promoting the principles taught by Jesus;

  2. An articulate communicator who is an effective teacher and motivating preacher;

  3. A passionate promoter of practical Christian doctrine who seeks to advance the community outreach goals of our parish:  

  4. An energetic doer; an action leader; and a consensus builder;

  5. A demonstrated ability to attract young adults and families to the church;

  6. A passion for making Christian education meaningful in the lives of children and youth;

  7. A commitment to the pastoral needs of an elderly membership;

  8. Strong administrative capabilities with meaningful fundraising capabilities.


F. Final Advice


Deliberate seriously as you proceed and remember to pray continuously to God for guidance. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5) In all of your decision-making, submit to Him and He will lead you to the successful conclusion of this important task.


Thank you for your service and may God bless you and your efforts,


The Atonement Vestry

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